Top five destination wedding locations

Top 5 Destination Wedding Locations

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Top 5 Destination Wedding Locations Stunning backdrops, crashing waves, and golden sunsets are elements of the perfect destination wedding. When you have a professional wedding photographer with you, you capture photographs and memories to treasure for a lifetime. With thousands of locations around the world to exchange your vows, we’ve compiled these top five destinations to consider.

Destination #1: Hawaii
Iconic, stunning and conveniently located, Hawaii is a hallmark of destination weddings.
From pristine white sand to incredibly blue beaches, you have many different islands to choose from; Oahu, Maui and Kauai are popular choices. Hawaii boasts clear weather nearly year-round, allowing you to have incredible backdrops for every picture taken on your special day. Here is a sampling of the magical landscapes you and your wedding photographer have to work with in Hawaii:
Beautiful beaches
White sands
Incredible sunset and sunrise
Lush rainforest
Beautiful waterfalls

When you choose to get married in Hawaii, there are 6 islands to choose from, each with their own activities and spectacular views. For those couples that desire a picturesque wedding with plenty of time for relaxing and opportunities for incredible golf, Maui is the perfect choice. If you are going to have a big wedding in Hawaii with many guests, Oahu offers beautiful beaches as well as many cultural opportunities, including tours of the North Shore. Whether you will be sightseeing with your family and friends, or heading off on your own, there is plenty for everyone to do on this island. For the adventurous couple, Kauai offers rugged terrain that begs to be explored, whether by foot, boat, or helicopter.

Destination #2: Italy
Italy is quite possibly the most romantic country in the world, which makes it the perfect destination for a wedding. Just imagine looking back at your wedding photographs and remembering the moments that you said your vows among historic castles, beautiful coasts, voluptuous gardens, and breathtaking mountains. Any city in Italy will provide you with the romance, beauty, and exquisiteness that you desire, but there are several cities that stand out, especially if you will be honeymooning after the wedding or have many guests with you.

Tuscany is a medieval city with incredible architecture, narrow streets, and romantic bridges. Your photographer can capture incredible moments between you and your groom in a city that is like no other while you relish in the atmosphere and bask in the romance.
Visiting Verona, a city called home by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, means that you’ll find romance literally everywhere. It is a pedestrian-only city that is not only home to the House of Juliet, but also to many Roman ruins. Make sure that you have plenty of time and opportunity to explore the city with your loved ones as you celebrate your special day.
Florence is a city of culture. Lavish with famous Italian art, museums, and incredible architecture, Florence is the perfect choice for you if you will have many guests looking for fun opportunities during their stay.

Destination #3: Aruba
Aruba is known as the “Happy Island” thanks to its expansive 20-mile stretch of beaches and exquisite landscapes. If your dream has always been to be barefoot in the sand in your beautiful white dress, Aruba is the place to have your wedding. There is plenty to do in Aruba, making it easy for group tours or romantic day getaways, giving you and your guests plenty to do. A few of the opportunities include:

Romantic picnics in secluded areas of the beach
4×4 tours of the rugged terrain
Horseback riding
Helicopter tours
Endless days on the beautiful beaches

Let your photographer capture you and your groom in the midst of enjoying a magical horseback ride together, or walking hand-in-hand on the beautiful beaches. A destination wedding in Aruba allows you and your groom to have unique, exotic pictures to treasure for a lifetime.

Destination #4: Jamaica
Jamaica has become a popular choice for a destination wedding because of its opportunities for all-inclusive packages. If you are going to have a large guest list, Jamaica offers many affordable packages and opportunities to make it easy for everyone to come and enjoy your special day with you. As you say your vows, you will be surrounded by the incredible view of beaches, beautiful mountains, and breathtaking waterfalls, giving the opportunity for amazing wedding photographs. After the wedding, whether you will be on your own or with a group, there are incredible opportunities to experience, including:

Coffee plant tours
Swimming with the dolphins
River rafting

Destination #5: Bahamas
If turquoise water, pink sand, and exquisite detail are on your agenda for your wedding, the Bahamas should be on your list. The Bahamas are home to more than beaches for your special day; explore and you’ll find reefs, cays, and botanical gardens, which gives your wedding photographer several incredible choices when it comes to capturing beautiful moments between you and your new husband. There are opportunities for everyone in this once-in-a-lifetime location, including:

Incredible golf opportunities on championship golf courses
Boating and dolphin watching
Deep sea fishing
Divine shopping opportunities
Historical and cultural tours of the Grand Bahamas Island
Kiteboarding and wave running

The Perfect Destination
The opportunities for a destination wedding are endless, giving you and your groom many things to consider when planning your perfect day.Whether you envision yourself on a sandy beach or in a traditional church, you can find all of these opportunities throughout various areas of the world, making it possible to have the destination wedding of your dreams. Even more, if you have your photos taking by an experienced and professional destination wedding photographer, you can continue to relive your dream wedding over and over again.


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