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Making Your Bar Mitzvah Picture Perfect

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Making Your Bar Mitzvah Picture Perfect
When a Jewish child turns 12 or 13, he or she will become a bar or bat mitzvah, meaning son or daughter of the commandment (‘Bar’ for a boy, ‘Bat’ for a girl). This special time in his or her life marks the transition from childhood into adulthood in the Jewish faith, meaning that the boy or girl is now responsible for his or her actions and decisions. In conjunction with the religious ceremony that takes place, families will also throw a celebratory party for family and friends. Although the Reform movement in Judaism is working to reinvent the bar and bat mitzvah process, celebrations are still very much a part of the ceremony. Planning the perfect bar mitzvah party, including finding the perfect bar mitzvah photography service, takes time and effort, but the result is well worth it.


Prepare for the Big Day
The day itself requires intense practice and preparation on the part of your child. Countless days spent at Hebrew school and frequent meetings with the Rabbi will make sure that he or she is ready for the ceremonial aspect. Start the planning process by taking a step back and budgeting your time. With all of the other activities going on in your child’s life, becoming a Bar Mitzvah can be an emotional and psychological challenge. Be sure to practice all of the prayers and speeches over and over so that you and your child are full of confidence when the big day arrives. The more you prepare yourself for the ceremony, the more you can put into planning the celebration as well.


Choose a Theme
Having your child choose a theme that has meaning for him or her is a great way to personalize the day and have an event that will not be forgotten. From sports, to the outdoors, to the glitz and glamor of Hollywood — there is an endless amount of themes available for your party. In addition, a growing trend has been for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah to choose a theme that aligns with his or her future career aspirations. This way, each party is highly personal and unique. Once a theme has been chosen, there are a number of different ways it can be incorporated.


1. Invitations – Personalized invitations that hint at the theme are an excellent way to get guests excited for the event.
2. Decorations – From those that you hang around the venue to table centerpieces, decorations help you tie in your theme throughout the entire day.
3. Games – In addition to dancing the Hora and the candle lighting ceremony, be sure to include an array of games and activities that will get people out of their seats. Karaoke, an area to take bar mitzvah photos, and hosted trivia games are just a few of your options.
4. Party Favors – Your party favors can also be personalized and fit your theme. It is easy to find favors that are fun, useful, and inexpensive.


What’s On the Menu?
One of the highlights of any bar mitzvah party is the food. Every guest at the event will visit the food table, so you want to have the menu include crowd pleasers in addition to your family’s favorites. By coming up with creative names for classic dishes, such as “Hollywood Hummus,” you will also be able to inject the theme into this part of the night. Traditional food options include having a bagel bar, deli sandwiches (think pastrami on rye), matzo ball soup, and black and white cookies. However, your son or daughter might have a few ideas to bring to the table as well, such as a popcorn machine, food truck, or personalized cupcakes. With so many options available, you are sure to build a menu that will please all of your guests.


Hire a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photographer
One of the best ways to create lasting memories of this special day in your son or daughter’s life is with bat or bar mitzvah photography. When you hire a professional photographer, you will be able to relax during the event and focus on spending quality time with your family and friends instead of trying to be everywhere all at once trying to document things. This is a great way for you and your family to commemorate the occasion and you will be able to have photographs and memories to last a lifetime. In addition to hiring a photographer to document the ceremony and party, consider having studio shots taken ahead of time. When you do this you will be able to have beautiful shots of your child printed to put in a picture frame or book. Guests will be able to sign the borders of the photo frame or book and leave congratulatory messages and advice, as is often seen at a wedding.
With all of these tips in mind, you will be able to throw a bar mitzvah party that everyone will talk about.


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